4 Tips For Hosting A Murder Mystery Party

Hosting a murder mystery party may seem like an overwhelming task. While it does take time to prepare for the festivities, the concept is straightforward. If you are new to hosting, the following tips should help you get your first couple games off without a hitch.

Prepare the murder mystery game in advance

Most murder mystery games are wordy. Print out all of the directions and read them a little bit at a time. Stay organized and keep a full set of directions available for the group so you can look up details as you need them during the game.

Make up an envelope for each character, which includes the character’s background and any required rules. You may also need to include a character’s item and ability cards. Read through the characters’ details as you prepare the envelopes to familiarize yourself with their backgrounds, clues, and abilities. Get the game prepared at least a couple of days in advance to avoid rushing at the last minute.

Decide how and when you will assign characters

You can cast a murder mystery game in advance or on the day of the game. Casting in advance allows the participants to prepare for their roles and design their costume. If you cast in advance, prepare for the possibility of having to recast the day of the event if someone cancels. Depending on the nature of the particular murder mystery game you play, you may decide to cast certain roles ahead of time and leave other roles open.

Serve finger foods and a tasteful selection of drinks

Finger foods are an ideal choice for murder mystery parties. If you begin with a dinner, the night can drag on and cause guests to grow weary by the middle of the murder mystery game. When you serve a sit down dinner in the middle of the murder mystery game, the game tends to lose momentum. Guests may not want to return to it once they have finished eating. Make finger foods available before the murder mystery party starts so guests can snack as they arrive and throughout the game.

Murder mystery parties lend themselves to lots of conversation, which means people will get thirsty. Stock up on water, soda, and any other beverages your guests will enjoy during the game. Alcohol should be served in moderation. A little alcohol may help players overcome their inhibitions, getting the game rolling smoothly. However, too much alcohol will make a murder mystery party get out of hand quickly.

Create the proper atmosphere

Making a little effort to generate the appropriate atmosphere goes a long way toward cultivating a successful murder mystery party. Encourage your guests to wear period specific costumes and to bring props that are fitting for their characters. Some spaces lend themselves more naturally to murder mystery parties. If you are holding the murder mystery party in a house, plan ahead to prepare the space suitably.

Finally, keep in mind that the first time you host a murder mystery party will be the hardest. Over time, you will be able to streamline the preparation routine so you can spend less time getting the party ready and more time enjoying the game.

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