About Us

My name is Penny Clark. I would like to share a story and a dream. 37 years ago I married a lawyer, James (Jim) Clark. I have a bachelor’s degree and a paralegal certificate with 37 years at the law office. All my adult life I knew the law office was not my chosen career but one that I married. My job is not a happy one, it is a stressful one, it can be rewarding on occasion, but more sad than happy. Every Sunday of my adult life I have read the classifieds looking for this job description:

WANTED: female to work 30 hours a weeks or less, no early mornings, has to have a perpetual smile, be happy and don’t worry personality

In 2012, after talk about the ballpark, convention hotel, and dressing up downtown I had a friend that wanted to buy property in downtown, and join in on the downtown movement. I bought the property and he was going to fix it up. His fix-up never happened. So, Jim and I put our money on downtown and starting fixing up the 1924 single family residence, studio residence, and a duplex on one downtown lot. Plans have evolved and changed and it fits my dream job. I am remodeling the property as an art gallery, retail sales for furniture, furnishings, and décor, events center, learning center, and all around fun center. I want to make happy and fun memories, hence the “Fun Journal”. If you don’t want to have fun, don’t come here. That is what we serve; fun and entertainment for children and adults.

Reservations and Walk-ins

I would love for you to walk in. Hopefully I can accommodate you and yours. Reservations will be required on certain events, others will be suggested reservations, and other events will be come and go. Please read the event description to handle reservations.

Accommodations and Occupancy

Gallery On 7th will be evolving over the next year and will be more accommodating as time marches forward. Currently the gallery will hold up to 40 people. It is a quaint, fun, entertaining center. It has a full kitchen, nice restroom, and a great room. As summer approaches we will have the garden area, and courtyard for more entertaining room.

Rental Information

Gallery On 7th will be available to rent for parties, family reunions, baby showers, bridal showers, bachelorette parties, weddings, meetings, and more!
Rental fee
weekdays/weeknights – $50.00 per hour
weekends – $75.00 per hour for the first two hours. $50.00 per hour for additional hours.
$50 refundable cleaning fee.

Gallery On 7th is a non-smoking facility.


There is 1 handicapped parking in the back of the events center. The City was kind enough to give me street parking.

Furniture and Furnishings

Everything is for sale; Furniture, art and decor, all of it! To keep the gallery fluid and ever-changing, shop in the gallery! Our philosophy: if you like it, take it home.

Dress for the Occasion

This will be optional, but it will be more fun. Please read the events’ description to check for appropriate dress.