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Twisted Tuesday Twisted Tuesdays: 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm – Join us every Tuesday as we learn new art with detailed patterns. This is a combination of Zentangles and Doodling to unlock a bit of your untapped creativity.

Final Friday Art Show

Gallery on 7th presents the artist, originally from Hereford, TX, Jamie Lee Trevino, for February’s Final Friday Art Show, where his prominent styles will be displayed.


The first painting, Shooter, is a sweet, yet tough and tender, boy, who finds himself in predicaments adolescents generally do. This piece, truly, captures the boy-at heart, and will be seen for the first time by many spectators.

Some of Trevino’s other pieces, displayed, are abstract, in nature, to carry the “Street Surreal” qualities of graffiti, with an unusual juxtaposition composition you will not want to miss out on.


You will see his paintwork will draw on many emotions known to man.

Final Friday does not cost anything to attend; however, you may want to bring your pocketbooks because you will, surely, find a piece you cannot live without.

For more information on the artwork, of Jamie Lee Trevino or other artists and art shows, at Gallery on 7th, you may contact Renea Dauntes at 806-549-6248.


This month, we will have Yellow City Co-op Brewpub on site and sharing their awesome locally brewed beer! They will bring the taps, you bring your taste-buds.

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